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This page is dedicated to our dear friends and classmates
who are no longer with us. 

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Linda Dupree McClure
Jan 8th, 2018

Lynda Holder Pitts
January 1, 2018

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Our Lives Are Richer For Having Known Them
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1st Row: Hans Bingham; Sandra Tallent; David Carey; Joe Maze; Tida Ann Richard; Jimmy Wells. 
2nd Row:  Don Evans; Stan Prestwood; Linda Cox; Gaines Mathis; Don Rhode;Elizabeth Lingerfelt. 
3rd Row: John McLain; Billy Hamby; Janet Gilreath; Paul Smith; Bill Johnson; Glenda Sivley.
4th Row: James Parker; Beverly Ward; Drue Pate; David Howard; Martha Warren; Mike Bridgeman.
5th Row: Sandra Pendergrass; Sam Goodson; Winfred "Fred" Clark; Jerry Barker, Jerry Moncier; Clifford Wayne Kelley.
6th Row: Diane Miller Boyd; Joan Marler; Johnny Gilreath; Charlie Brown, Mickey Bowman, Nancy Davis
7th Row: Bobbie Miller; Ray Buchanan; Billie Miller Buchanan; Walt Zorn; Gayle Coulter Johnson; Terry Echols
8th Row: Karen Treher Johnson; Don Ray Smith; Norma Catherine Smith; Gaynell Lindsay Kinser, David Gray, Marilyn Wood Thornbury

9th Row: Elaine Farley Levi, Allan Lutes, John W. Cady, Billy Shelton, Mike Phillips, Lynda Holder Pitts

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Class of 1961 Sponsors

Class Sponsor
Mrs. Ragan

Remember the senior play?  Mrs. Ragan had a way of talking you into "volunteering" to perform, didn't she?  What fun!.....Larry

Class Sponsor
Mr. Charlie Wolfe

Remember the example of "Being Careful" around the rip saw that Mr. Wolfe had in the shop class?  It was a piece of a students finger that was stuck on the wall and circled with a marker.  Now THAT was how to teach a lesson !.....Larry

Class Sponsor
Mrs. Coop

In the 9th grade, I had to take Algebra from Mrs. Coop, the ENGLISH teacher......the only "D" I ever made in my life and I was lucky to get it!  I surely must have been a "slow" learner!....Judy