Red Bank High School Class of 1961

The Katherine C. Ragan Achievement Award

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Katherine C. Ragan Achievement Award


An Open Letter To The Class of 1961 

The Katherine C. Ragan Achievement Award is given annually, each May, at the Red Bank High School Awards Ceremony for their graduating seniors. It is considered the second most prestigious award presented. The Balfour Award is number one.


The recipient of the Katherine C. Ragan Achievement Award is a senior girl or boy who excels in the four areas of Academics, Achievement, Character, and Leadership. Each recipient receives an engraved Pewter Jefferson Cup and a $100.00 Stipend to be used toward their college expenses and/or books. A wooden and brass plaque, which will include each recipient's name and the year they received this honor, hangs in the school library.


Mrs. Ragan was the class sponsor of our RBHS Class of 1961 in the 7th, 9th, 11th, and 12th grades. She taught English and American History at Red Bank High for more than thirty (30) years. She died of a heart attack in May of 1994. Mrs. Ragan supported our class, while we attended RBHS, (she probably came to our defense with the "powers that be" more times than we know) but kept up with us years after we graduated. She cut out pictures and news articles containing information about our class members. She made scrapbooks on the Class of 1961 and kept them until she died. She was on the Planning Committee of our 10th, 20th, 25th and 30th Class Reunions.   Mrs. Ragan was the mother of two RBHS graduates, Connie Ragan Reeves and Randy Ragan.


At the 35th Class Reunion in 1996, our class members who were there, voted to present an award in honor, and in memory, of Mrs. Ragan.   To generate the money to finance the award, several members generously donated seed money. You may also remember that we sent out a letter explaining the Katherine C. Ragan Award. At that time we asked members of our class, who would like, to donate $ toward the setting up of this award.


The award has been set up for 25 years. The first one was presented in the spring of 1997. Gretchen Wells Owens was the first recipient. She is the daughter of two (2) of our 1961 class members, Sheila Freeland Harris and Robert Wells. As of this year, 2008, we have presented twelve (12) awards to deserving young men and women.


If you have not had the opportunity to contribute to this prestigious award, please send your check to Carole Rawls Waller. Your contribution will help us continue this award for the next thirteen (13) years and beyond.


Mrs. Ragan was a wonderful teacher, friend, and human being. She touched our lives at an important time during our educational journey.

Thank you,


Carole Rawls Waller

38 Rock Crest Drive

Signal Mountain, TN 37377

Make all checks payable to: RBHS Class of 1961