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Last update: Saturday, June 08, 2019

As the years pass by all to quickly, we continue to lose more and more classmates. Today, June 8th, I was advised Joe Parrot has passed due to a lengthy illness. As details are provided, i will update with funeral arrangements. Please pray for his family.

Joe Parrot 1961
June 8, 2019

Obituary for Joseph H. Parrott, Jr.

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Class of 1961
50 year Reunion
Group Photo

Contact Judy if you'd like a copy of the class 50th year group photo.

Red Bank Class of 1961
50 Year Reunion Group Photo Oct 1st, 2011

Click Here For all the photos from the last reunion.

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Welcome to the official web site for the 1961 graduating class of Red Bank High School, in Red Bank, Tennessee!

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A Salute To Our Classmates Who Served In The Military


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