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Let's see some photos to include here !!

Class of 1961 Graduation Photo
Our thanks to Jerry Parker for submitting this photo.

The Class of 1961 Graduation Photo
Anybody recall our total number that Graduated?

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Our First Reunion - 10 Years, September 1971
Submitted by Larry Blanks

Our 10 Year (and first) Reunion - 1971, You can click on the photo to enlarge.

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Our 20th Year Reunion in 1981.  You can click on the photo to enlarge.
Photo provided by Ross Haire.....thanks Ross!

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30th Reunion

Our 30th Year Reunion in 1991.  You can click on the photo to enlarge.
Photo provided by Judy Wallace Smith.....thanks Judy!

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45th Reunion

Our 45th Year Reunion in 2006.  You can click on the photo to enlarge.

1st row:  Carole Rawls Waller, Lana Mynatt Sandefur, Judy Fussell Huffine, Linda Liles Courvoisier, Lynda Longley Bridgman, Judith Clark Rievley, Gayle Coulter Johnson
2nd row: Judy Wallace Smith, Carol Clem Wheeler, Nancy Jo Bales Ramsay, Margie Powell Bevil, Sheila Freeland Harris, Barbara Lancaster Hall
3rd row: Sharon Collier Chauncey, Rebecca Craddock Dennard, Bert Phillips, Rose Ann Davis Williams, Ronnie Rothwell, Brenda Abercrombie Tustian
4th row: Gaynell Lindsay Kinser, Pam Butcher Gregory, Jim Allison, Karen Treher Johnston,
5th row: Jim Batson, Jack Gregory, Leroy Atkins, Larry Pendergrass
6th row: Larry Blanks, Jim Sullivan, Richard Gibson, Ross Haire, John Isenburg, Nick Nixon
7th row: Johnny Spangler, George Farr, Jack Hobbs, Andy Anderson, Charles Morgan, Don Smith